Consumer Products


Thinkers, tinkerers and implementers, at BIG we build startup brands of the future...We live to create paradigm-shifting products that can excite or calm the way we live, work and play.

In the consumer space, the idea or vision you have is rarely the final product that ends up in the marketplace. This is why at BIG we believe it's imperative to the creative process to engage and listen to the right resources at the right time.

From experts within the space, such as category distributors and buyers to consumer-facing research like focus groups, these are just a few of the people and process it takes to narrow down the playing field of ideas to increase the odds of success in an extremely competitive space.

At BIG, we initiate and manage this collaborative process that is designed to not only select the winning idea, its brand positioning, and activation strategy, but to increases the odds of success where sales turn a customer into a believer, which leads to social media sharing which leads to increased referrals which support the Push-Pull sales and marketing strategy