Vertex Productions
Masterplanning & Themed Design

Vertex Productions is a full-service location-based entertainment design resource. With an emphasis on storytelling, its designs enhance a wide variety of projects from museums to resorts, and from theme parks to new cities. Vertex’s work is concentrated on the built narrative: architecture, landscape, showmanship, and attractions combine to make vital, exciting destinations out of its clients' projects.

Vertex Productions is currently involved as the leading creative partner for numerous projects in numerous projects in Asia, North Africa, India, South America and the USA. Their services range from master planning to detailed design for a wide range of project types. Vertex specializes in projects that pose unique challenges and require unexpected, innovative and highly creative solutions.

The Vertex Productions team is international, as well. Its architects, designers, and specialists come from many regions and traditions, further enriching the Vertex Productions offering.

Work executed at Vertex Productions Inc. in association with RTKL.
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