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Thornton-Termohlen Group (TTG) is a construction technology and strategy firm that provides the patented One Story High Rise System™ enabling developers, architects and engineers to design, construct and complete a building in less than 1/2 the time required by conventional methods. TTG’s proven and tested methodology saves developers millions of dollars in construction, insurance and interest expenses.

TTG‘s One Story High Rise System™ has reset the bar and forever changed the way high-rise buildings are designed and constructed. This breakthrough creates a critical competitive edge for forward thinking designers, developers and contractors looking for the distinct advantage that creates a measurable differentiation from their competition.

Industrialization of buildings is an evolutionary methodology that is transforming the landscape of the high-rise industry. TTG’s proprietary system drastically reduces the labor and material requirements of high-rise structures while cutting the construction time down to one-third that of conventional construction methods.

The result of decades of development and extensive field testing, the TTG One Story High Rise System™ constructs every floor at ground level and then elevates each floor utilizing the TTG lifting system. Building each floor at ground level radically lowers labor and insurance cost and enables individual stories, complete with exterior wall, MEP systems and interior TI supplies to be assembled and elevated in place every two days. This system utilizes concrete cores which carry all the vertical load and provide complete architectural freedom; maximizing the usable square footage of each floor with clear spans.

The TTG One Story High Rise System™ is supported by construction professionals with years of experience in delivering multi-billion dollar projects around the world and endorsed by some of the world’s leading architecture, engineering and construction firms. TTG’s expertise and experience guarantees a successful and timely project.
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