STRAAM | Structural Risk Assessment & Management  
Known as the EKG of a building, the STRAAM technology allows for the rapid evaluation of a structure’s integrity through the analysis of a simple, specific set of data. These algorithms are incorporated into proprietary hardware and software packages that produce short and long term structural integrity assessment and monitoring solutions.

Using this proven technology, STRAAM provides a structure’s owners, lenders, financiers, insurers, or operators with an assessment of their structure’s condition - a statement on the soundness of its structural components, while monitoring the health of the building throughout its life.

STRAAM is a company offering services and integrated technology solutions aimed at diagnosing, assessing and managing structures that have become, or may in time become, degraded for any reason. STRAAM achieves this through the use of its proprietary systems. In the field of structural risk assessment and management, no other company provides such a comprehensive and proven effective range of services and solutions back by a team with over 40 years of structural experience.

STRAAM advises on the most effective way to manage such situations and work with many types of structures, including bridges, wind turbines, monopoles, waterfront facilities, offshore platforms, high-rises, and historic buildings and structures in regions at risk for earthquakes.
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