Strategic Visioning | Narrating the Vision

Strategic Visioning is the first step in ensuring that the client’s creative expectations are successfully understood and executed. It is a pre-design process which results in the clarity of a project’s vision in a way that can be easily communicated across all design disciplines. This step will ensure that the decision-making of the design is informed and that a comprehensive, seamless vision is executed.

BIG initiates this pre-design process between the client and our core team as a means of unlocking and clearly articulating a client’s underlying sequence of creative inspirations, emotions and expectations for their project. By exposing, collecting and ultimately synthesizing our client’s vision into a visual narrative we are able to strategically guide the project’s ensuing creative process.

BIG’s Strategic Visioning process delivers a tangible tool that is not only used to guide a multi-disciplinary design team through a project’s creative process; but is also a document that can be shared with key stakeholders, funding organizations and marketing & media partners prior to the availability of a project’s architectural concept as a means of articulating a project’s creative intent.

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