Creative Ideation | Generating the Concept

Dissolving the boundaries between disciplines and ideas, Creative Ideation is a collaborative process resulting in the conceptualization of emotionally impactful architecture and its integrated experiences. This process, which begins with an open-boundary idea-driven charrette, is a commitment to the exploration and presentation of concept-driven design, ensuring continuity in the realization of a project’s Strategic Vision.

By layering budget, site, code and other operational constraints into the design process, the team is able to define viable potential concepts and experiences that will promote the project’s desired brand and story, leading to its vibrant success. Drawing upon BIG’s dynamic core team, supplemented by the studio’s multi-disciplinary network of highly creative traditional and non-traditional Strategic Partners, a mixture of intensity, knowledge and inspiration is applied to a project ensuring its successful launch.

Through this client-partner collaborative approach a project’s creative distinctiveness is enhanced, its ability to be technically executed is persistently evaluated, and its financial feasibility is continually valued. This process ensures that a client’s expectations are continually outperformed.


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