Frank Ratliff | Dynamic Structures
Mr. Ratliff manages and leads the creative engineering process for BIG’s Kinetic Architecture Division. His passion for creative engineering is supported by his expansive skill set and experience in the design, engineering and fabrication management of movable components, structures and their mechanical systems. His dedication toward the synergistic relationship between architectural design and kinetic engineering provides BIG’s clients with an unparalleled resource, and a gateway to distinctive and iconic architecture.

A Senior Associate with over 35 years of professional experience, Mr. Ratliff brings extensive knowledge and practice to BIG’s core team through his technical design, project management, planning, and mechanical system engineering experience. Mr. Ratliff’s previous experience ranges from being the Senior Project Director of Interstate Bridges and Interchange projects for State and Federal Department of Transportation agencies, to leading the design fabrication and installation of prototype missile silos for the Department of Defense’s present US Missile Defense System, to leading the design and fabrication oversight of some of the largest coring machines in the world.

Mr. Ratliff holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. In addition, Mr. Ratliff is a founder of 3sixty Technology’s broad based rotating building technologies. He is an accomplished inventor and holds five viably commercial patents in energy conversion and power transmission processes.
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