David A. Berg | Chief Executive Officer  
Mr. Berg is an entrepreneur with 25 years of direct business ownership experience across multiple sectors, including: new business model development, management, sales, marketing, design, structural engineering, contract negotiations, risk management and team building. From 1986 to 1999, Mr. Berg was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SCI, Inc. and American West, Inc., a California and Nevada licensed contracting firm. Both companies specialized in different aspects of design development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and project management of architectural metal fabrication and environmental graphic projects for Fortune 500 companies located both nationally and internationally.

After Mr. Berg’s companies were acquired in late 1999, Berg Idea Group was formed to focus on three specific areas of idea development:

•        Investment and strategic involvement in early stage companies,
•        Creating new wireless technology for the hospitality and retail  industry
•        Design and development of branded real estate projects with the integration of           new technologies.

Mr. Berg’s 25 years of diversified business and management experience has developed into a bold leadership and business style.

Mr. Berg is known for embracing unique challenges while having the innate ability to grow internal teams and collaborate with external resources in order to complete projects on time and within budget anywhere in the world.

Mr. Berg’s current and past client list include long-term relationships with companies such as: DreamWorks, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Samsung, TrizecHahn Corporation, Forest City Development and a variety of other national retail developers, banks and state public agencies.

Mr. Berg’s management style and unwavering it can be done attitude is ingrained into the team’s core values and culture. Mr. Berg is a founding member of BIG Idea Group LLC and 3sixty Technology LLC, both Las Vegas based companies.
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